Moving to the cloud with your business

ASPEX’s cloud adoption framework helps customers get a simple and clear vision of their Azure cloud journey.

The framework starts with a clear strategy and contains detailed information. Our ASPEX Cloud Readiness and other assessments lead to the set goals via a predefined cloud adoption path.

We use our cloud adoption framework to involve all departments within a company in the cloud journey.

Why migrate to the cloud?

The cloud provides fundamental benefits that help organizations implement different business strategies. It makes your business fast and flexible, cuts costs and explores new markets.

This decision is C-Level but also the technical teams play an important role in the organization.

Good planning is essential.

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Ensure a smooth migration of your data with ASPEX's Cloud Adoption Framework

Why switch to the cloud? What results do you want to achieve? And how do I set up a business case that justifies everything?

Choosing the right first project is the key to success. Our Azure architect facilitates this C-Level process.

ASPEX created Azure landing zones based on best-practices. These Azure landing zones are the perfect basis for the effective migration. Compare it to the foundation of a building. 

The project is managed at all times by ASPEX and the scope is monitored.

Our cloud support engineers and architects remain accessible, thanks to our ASPEX Managed Services.

Why can a cloud journey be interesting for your company?

The way to the cloud


After defining the strategic goals, we make a planning together with the technical teams. For this we use the ASPEX Cloud Readiness Assessment.

ASPEX takes the lead in architecture, process planning, possible pitfalls and scope determination.

The readiness assessment provides the blueprint for success and builds on existing best-practices. The technical teams are closely involved in the assessment workshops so that they can make a quick relaunch with regard to cloud adoption.


There is an agreement on the blueprint. The ASPEX technical teams and the customer are now ready for cloud adoption.

With our Azure Landing zones we assure our customers uniformity and flexibility.

Adoption, migration & innovation

We are now at the basis of a good cloud policy.

ASPEX monitors the scope through project management. Plans can be adjusted if necessary. In the end the Go Live follows in which monitoring is crucial.

The scope of the current project is monitored so that we achieve the intended goals.

Proper management of your Azure environment is the key to long-term success. To exclude potential business risks, we look for technical solutions for specific business policies and compliance regulations.

Monitoring, managing and updating the set up environment are part of the core tasks of a good policy. The ASPEX Managed Services ensure that your company can count on a reliable partner for this.

Reasons to take the step to the cloud



As a result of company takeovers or mergers

End of support for business-critical applications

Make the switch to Cloud Computing

ASPEX takes care of your migration

ASPEX delivers certified Azure expertise with a personal touch. We like to think along with your business and have knowledge of the set up infrastructure and applications. This assures you of a guaranteed knowledge. Beyond our existing experience, we monitor the health of your cloud environment including performance, security, backups, etc… If necessary, personalized monitors can be set up and managed. If you want to assure yourself of continuous monitoring, this is also possible thanks to our 24/7 service.

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