“We do not only know the solution inside out, we also know the people behind it

Micha Wets
technology strategist and WVD expert at ASPEX

Microsoft announced the release of its long-awaited Windows Virtual Desktop solution. Belgian-based cloud provider ASPEX, together with a handful of other partners worldwide, was present at the birth of this solution at the Microsoft Redmond Campus. With Flowdesk, ASPEX additionally created a unique Windows Virtual Desktop deployment platform for resellers and ISVs. 

So far, Windows Virtual Desktop – WVD in short – is the only cloud solution that delivers simplified management, a multi-session Windows 10 experience, optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus and support for Windows Server RDS desktops and apps. It allows the deployment and scale-up of Windows desktops and apps on Microsoft Azure in minutes, with built-in security and compliance. 

Thanks to WVD, organizations operate entirely independently of any hardware – so there's no need to worry about server maintenance or hardware investments. Users have access to their favorite tools and apps from anywhere and at any time in their familiar and secure Windows environment. The number of users is unlimited.

ASPEX at the cradle

“Windows Virtual Desktop offers increased freedom and safety for users as well as the organizations in which they work,” says Micha Wets, technology strategist and WVD expert at ASPEX. “What’s special about this solution is that we played a significant role in its development. This means we do not only know the solution inside out, we also know the people behind it.

“Moreover, we even developed our own, unique Windows Virtual Desktop platform called Flowdesk. This platform allows resellers and ISVs to deploy WVD for their customers in just a couple of hours. There’s no need for technical expertise, because they are supported by our teams of Azure Architects. It goes without saying that we strongly believe in the future of WVD and look forward to further collaborations with the Microsoft team,” Micha concludes.