Kiosk user



Access to 1 or 2 applications for the performance of everyday tasks.

Office worker

Office worker


Access to Microsoft Office 365 applications, web-based functionalities and online applications.

Powered user

Powered user


Access to more advanced applications (of your own) that require more computing power and memory.


About ASI

ASI is a virtual environment on Microsoft Azure that was specially developed by ASPEX for SMEs.
We can host any business applications you want there, whether they are cloud ready or not.
Users who log in to the cloud will simply see their familiar Windows environment and applications - as if these were installed on a local server. Say goodbye to hardware costs forever.

Multi-factor authentication and separate storage modules

ASI also offers powerful protection with multi-factor authentication and separate storage modules.
This lets you keep your personal and corporate data separate.
To switch between your private and professional environment all you need to do is move from one window to another.
You can always log in, from every possible device and even via a separate app.

Carefree data sharing

ASI also enables you to easily and conveniently share data with other organizations.


Aspex Shared Infrastructure let's you enjoy the comfort of working in the cloud from anywhere on any device

Benedikte Vanden Eynde


Gear in the cloud

Remote management

24/7 access to your familiar Windows working environment and business applications, everywhere and from every device.

Cabinet in the cloud

Separate storage modules

Keep your professional and private details separate on the same device.

Mail in the cloud

Integration of SMTP server

Emails are always sent from the same server.

People in the cloud

Conveniently share files and data

Share data with your colleagues, partners and/or suppliers.

Graph in the cloud


Pay as you go thanks to our various plans.

Lock in the cloud


ASPEX guarantees platform management, including regular backups and automated monitoring so that you can concentrate on your core business.

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