The best desktop experience… comes from the cloud

A comprehensive, virtual Windows desktop environment in which you can work,
wherever and whenever you want: with Windows Virtual Desktop this is now possible.
The only thing you need is a laptop and an internet connection.
Say goodbye to problems with hardware maintenance, software updates and compliance.  



Made by ASPEX

ASPEX – and a handful of partners worldwide – stood at the cradle of Windows Virtual Desktop. We developed a solution jointly with the Microsoft development team that offers users and businesses more freedom and security.


Windows logo

Virtual Windows 10 environment

Use your favorite tools, wherever and whenever you like, in your familiar desktop environment

Hardware in the cloud


No need to worry about server maintenance or make heavy investments

Secure in the cloud

Superior security and automatic updates

Be assured of a secure working environment with automatic backups of all your files and continuous access to the most recent software and tools 

People in the cloud

Unlimited number of users

The number of users on Windows Virtual Desktop is unlimited, whether you are a small or big organization, or ISV  


As an MSP, ASPEX will help you deploy & scale Windows Virtual Desktop, using Windows10 and Office365 on Azure in minutes, with built-in security and compliance.

Micha Wets - Microsoft MVP

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