6 reasons why you should move to the cloud as a business

overstappen naar de cloud

The traditional office space is gradually giving way to a digital working environment. More and more organizations are justifiably making the switch to the cloud. 

This is because the traditional IT infrastructure has its limitations. For example, data stored on a local server is at risk of being lost forever in the event of a failure. 

Also, when a company wants to install new applications, you are not sure whether they always integrate with your current system. The cloud offers a virtual solution for this

It allows you to collaborate efficiently, bundle applications in one place and keep your company data safe. Not yet convinced about the cloud? In this blog article we give you some good reasons why your company should switch!

#1 A cloud solution grows with your business

Many people think that the advantages of the cloud only apply to large multinationals with hundreds of employees. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason for that? Scalability

By moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud, you choose a solution that grows with your business and employees. You don’t have to cough up huge sums for IT infrastructure that can only be used in part. You only pay for what you need.


Is your business experiencing a growth spurt? Then your cloud solution simply grows with you: with a few clicks you can add a user. Moreover, it is very easy to scale up your cloud capacity. Ideal for companies with a fluctuating demand for bandwidth. 

Conversely, scaling down is also a possibility. Is your company going through a difficult period? Then it’s not easy to reduce the costs you spend on your hardware. By switching to the cloud you eliminate this limitation.

#2 With a cloud solution you have access to your company data from anywhere

The corona crisis caused us to start telecommuting massively. That was adjusting for employees, but also for companies. Before the corona crisis, 57 percent of Flemish companies offered the possibility of working from home. In the meantime, that number has risen to 88 percent.

If you have a portable laptop, commuting between the office and your home workplace is no problem at all. On the other hand, if you have a fixed (desktop) computer, this is less obvious. 

Even if your server is limited to a fixed location, working remotely is difficult. The cloud offers a solution in that case. All you need is an Internet connection. 

The result? Employees can access the documents and data they want anytime, anywhere. Whether they are working from home, on the road, abroad or in the office. 

So with the right IT infrastructure, working remotely doesn’t have to be a bottleneck. Your workspace is no longer limited to your spot in the office, and you have all the business applications at your fingertips whenever you want.

#3 In the cloud, all your data & files are stored securely

Working in the cloud is not only convenient, but above all safe. Are all your data and documents on a hard drive? Then you can hope that you never lose your laptop. A lost laptop means lost data. 

A cloud solution offers more security in such situations. Your data is stored in the cloud, which means that you can always access it, no matter what happens to your devices. 

You can even remotely erase data from lost laptops to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands and being misused. The same applies in case your laptop or hardware crashes.


In addition, SaaS companies must adhere to strict ISO standards for information security, and are subject to regular security audits. 

Finally, you can easily specify which employee has access to which files or data. It is not an all-or-nothing solution. On the contrary, a cloud solution is very modular.

#4 A cloud solution is cost-effective

By migrating your IT systems to the cloud, you eliminate the costs of maintenance, rent and consumption of an on-premises server park. Not to mention the associated licensing. 

In addition, larger companies will need to employ people (IT people) who work full-time to update the software, manage the network and take care of security. 

These costs disappear when you switch to the cloud. Not only does it benefit your wallet, but it also allows you to use the IT department more efficiently. 

Finally, as mentioned earlier in this article, you only pay for the resources or services you actually use. This is not the case with an on-premises server farm.

#5 The cloud contributes to improved collaboration

With a cloud solution, you have access to your business data from anywhere. This makes employees able to access, edit and share their documents anytime, anywhere. And they can do so in real time.

Working on the same spreadsheet with several colleagues at the same time? No problem at all. In the cloud, you can easily collaborate on joint projects.


You also don’t need to send attachments back and forth when you operate in the cloud. Via a shared document, everyone has immediate access. This prevents a mess of conflicting files.

The result? Employees lose less time and can collaborate more efficiently. The cloud increases the productivity of companies considerably.

#6 With a cloud solution, you’re always up-to-date

Since cloud software is hosted by vendors, you don’t have to worry about updates. These are provided by the cloud service provider

This keeps your system operational and ensures that you always have the latest features. When you choose a cloud solution, you pay for a total service and not just for the software. Hence the name SaaS or Software as a Service.


Does it tickle your fancy to make the switch to the cloud, but you don’t know where to start? Then feel free to contact us. After all, migrating your IT systems is an exciting operation. 

At ASPEX we take this off your hands. As a specialized IT company, we have been assisting companies with the migration of their systems to the cloud for over 15 years.

The latest developments in cloud computing and SaaS in your mailbox?

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